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Crown & Bridges

Crown and Bridges

We offer crown bridge work. Crowns become necessary due to an insufficient tooth structure to support a filling. Even in cases when teeth are severely broken down from decay, the fracture can be fully restored to proper appearance and function with a crown restoration.

Our crowns cover the tooth completely, fitting just at the gum line and protecting the remaining tooth. Most crowns have a tooth-colored porcelain exterior fused to a high noble metal base. The shade is customized to match other teeth so that the crown looks just like a natural tooth.

Indication for placing Crowns:

• To restore fractured teeth.
• To protect weak teeth from fracturing.
• To support a large filling when there isn’t enough tooth remaining.
• To conceal badly shaped or discoloured teeth
• To strengthen teeth following a root canal treatment.(teeth tend to become brittle and are more prone to fracture).
• To disguise extensive dameage caused by decay.
• To attach a bridge.
• To cover a dental implant.

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